Building for the Future

Cibolo is a great place to live and everyday more people are making it their home. Since 2000, Cibolo has grown by more than 700% and is expected to continue growing with new residential and commercial developments planned and in progress. New attractions, such as the Sports Complex, are expected to bring thousands of visitors each year and help make Cibolo the “City of Choice.”

A booming population and growth in visitors means the city must plan for ways to ensure mobility and safety. Much of the growth and traffic increases in Cibolo are affecting FM 1103, making it one of the most congested roadways in the city. Residents are already seeing safety challenges and wait times increase when leaving for work or school. City leaders have been working diligently to study and find solutions to address the growing traffic demands and have been successful in gaining TxDOT’s investment to widen FM 1103.

The planned TxDOT improvements are a great start, however, this will not be enough to address traffic demands and safety as Cibolo continues to grow. Especially, the lack of north-south mobility and connectivity issues south of FM 78 between I-35 and I-10. Understanding that upgrading roadways takes years, and getting additional funding from TxDOT could take decades, City leaders looked to find a real solution through the Cibolo Parkway project.

The Cibolo Parkway project will increase mobility and safety, and help address traffic demands and congestion to the growing area, without increasing local taxes to fund the project.

Where is the project now?

Currently the Cibolo Parkway is +30% designed and the contractor is focused on the project right-of-way and gaining right-of-entry permissions with our contractor, CobbFendley. To date Cobb Fendley has secured right-of-entry permission for approximately 70% of the land along the corridor. These permission letters are necessary so that the aci Group can move ahead with the environmental studies and complete the environmental assessment.

In addition the contractor is working with financial consultant KPMG regarding project financing and is meeting with several interested parties.

Recent Updates

Other Updates

October 30, 2018 – Click here to read the Cibolo Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors Transportation Position Paper

October 22, 2018 – Click here to read the letter sent to Mayor Boyle and the Cibolo City Council and the latest FAQ

October 22, 2018Click here to see the right-of-way map, showing the status for right-of-entries, with green representing those obtained, and red are remaining.