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The Cibolo Parkway is a planned six-mile toll road from FM 1103 and Weil Road to I-10 at Zuehl Road. The alignment, as shown on the attached map, generally follows the 2006 TxDOT study route. The project is being developed through an innovative public-private partnership and funded by the developer, Cibolo Turnpike, LP.

Cibolo Parkway will help ensure mobility and safety for the residents of Cibolo and the surrounding area. With a high growth rate and the expected residential, commercial, and business growth over the coming years, the City of Cibolo must plan for ways to alleviate traffic congestion. New attractions such as the Sports Complex, the new Santikos theatre and family-fun entertainment center, and others, could bring an influx of visitors from the surrounding area that will further burden the existing roadways.

  • FM 1103, even with the scheduled improvements, will not have the capacity to satisfy current or projected traffic trends in the area
  • Extending FM 1103 to I-10 has been a priority for more than 10 years and was identified in the Comprehensive Master Plan in 2006 and 2016
  • Construction of the project would greatly improve emergency response vehicle access south of FM 78
  • Construction of the project would provide needed infrastructure for current and projected development south of FM 78

Currently the estimated cost for Phase I of the Project, the Cibolo parkway, is just over $114 million.

No city funds are being allocated to build any part of the Cibolo Parkway Project.

The anticipated posted speed limit, is projected to be 70 mph, and will be confirmed when the project is opened.

  • Two 12’ concrete travel lanes that begin at FM 1103 at Weil Road and end at Zuehl Road at I-10.
  • Proposed entrance and exit ramps at:
    • FM 1103
    • FM 78
    • Lower Seguin Road
    • Bolton Road
    • I-10
  • A four-lane bridge over FM 78 and Union Pacific Railroad, allowing crossover access for school buses, fire and police vehicles, and emergency medical services

The Cibolo Turnpike, LP will oversee and manage the development of the project, and will operate the toll road once construction is complete.

The Cibolo Turnpike, LP team has more than 250 years of combined experience in highway development.

An average of 30 to 32 cargo trains use the Union Pacific Railroad through Cibolo on a daily basis, blocking north-to-south access for emergency vehicles potentially for up to seven minutes at a time. The Project includes adding an overpass bridge at FM 78 and the Union Pacific Railroad wide enough to accommodate the anticipated second UPRR rail lines, and a bridge at the Town Creek Drainage watershed that would substantially improve emergency vehicle travel times to areas south of FM 78.

As part of the design and environmental study, the project team is looking at drainage issues in Cibolo and ways to improve the drainage where possible with the new construction. This will include mitigating current drainage issues in the area and provide for drainage and runoff associated with the Cibolo Parkway.

TxDOT’s planned improvements to FM 1103 consist of four travel lanes, a continuous left-turn lane, bike lanes and sidewalks. The four travel lanes are to be maintained as a free non-tolled roadway. TxDOT’s current schedule for FM 1103 is set to let October 2019, and is estimated to be completed in three years.

This increase will occur regardless of the Cibolo Parkway Project. This is due to the tremendous growth that is occurring in this part of Texas. The I-35 and Loop 1604 corridors in San Antonio continue to be very congested, and I-10 is a possible alternate route for those in that part of the area. The I-10 corridor has additional capacity whereas I-35 & Loop 1604 are full.

City leaders have been working diligently for more than ten years to study and find solutions to address the growing traffic demands. TxDOT, with $7 million from the City of Cibolo and $2 million from the City of Schertz, plans to widen FM 1103 from I-35 to Rodeo Way. The planned TxDOT improvements are a start; however, this will not be enough to address traffic demands and safety concerns as Cibolo continues to grow, especially, the lack of north-south mobility between I-35 and I-10. Waiting on TxDOT was not an option as there is a lack of transportation funding. Understanding that upgrading roadways takes years, and getting additional funding from TxDOT could take decades, City leaders looked to find a real solution through the Cibolo Parkway Project.

The Cibolo Turnpike, LP is following the same TxDOT environmental analysis process as used for other non-federally or state funded projects.

The Project is to be constructed in two Phases, with Phase I – the Cibolo Parkway, and Phase II – being the Cibolo Expressway – which includes the addition of jumps over signalized intersections on FM 1103 after TxDOT completes its improvements.

The Cibolo Parkway WILL NOT be a hazardous material route and will not be allowed on the tollway.