August 19, 2019 – Updated to the Cibolo City Council

The following is a memorandum sent to the Cibolo Mayor, City of Cibolo City Council and City Staff, dated August 19, 2019. You can download a PDF copy of the memorandum by clicking here.

Re: Update – Cibolo Parkway Project Update and Clarification of Misinformation Presented at August 12, 2019, City Council Meeting

As indicated in a memorandum to the Cibolo City Council two weeks ago, Cibolo Turnpike LP (CTLP) has begun to execute options for the Cibolo Parkway (the Project) right-of-way (ROW). As you know, our Option Agreement contract gives us the right to purchase property for an agreed-upon price within a designated time frame. We continue to negotiate additional options, as indicated by CobbFendley’s “Cibolo Parkway ROW Status Report Spreadsheet.” We will continue to provide you with timely updates.

On another front, our lawyers are finalizing the forms of the contracts, agreements, and essential documents required for the final closing, anticipated in November. We must soon schedule certain city council actions needed to fulfill the financial obligations for final closing. As we receive the final list of those actions, we will share them with the mayor, council members, and city staff, as provided for in the Development Agreement.

At the most recent council meeting of August 12, 2019, a few individuals continued to present misinformation about the Cibolo Parkway Project, as they have in the past. While accurate information has been and continues to be available on the project website,, we want to make an extra effort to ensure the Cibolo City Council, the city staff, and the citizens of Cibolo have the correct information regarding the project.

One individual claimed, erroneously, that the Project is designed as a two-lane, undivided asphalt roadway. The design is—and always has been—designed to Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) standards. The Cibolo Parkway features concrete driving surfaces and is a two-lane facility, expandable to four-lanes when demand requires. After discussions with the city council’s Enhancement Subcommittee in summer 2018, we widened the shoulders and medians, and incorporated a concrete center divider into the design.

Another individual again presented misinformation regarding the Project in terms of her statements surrounding TxDOT coordination, the Project’s environmental assessment, and the contacting of landowners. CTLP has been working with the city staff to schedule a formal coordination meeting with TxDOT. Because the Project will be a city road, the city must coordinate the crossings with TxDOT. We hope the coordination meeting with TxDOT will occur in late August/early September.

In addition, this second individual made statements that may lead some to believe the Cibolo Parkway, as a toll road, would fall under the purview of TxDOT and the Texas Highway Commission, once completed. The Project has been and will continue to be a city roadway, owned by the City of Cibolo, and will not be part of the state highway system; therefore, it is not subject to TxDOT’s oversight. We must emphasize that we have spent many hours with our attorneys, and are clear as to what actions are necessary to comply with state laws, as well as, the requirements of the Development Agreement.

The Cibolo Parkway Project will provide a transportation facility for those who choose to use the tolled roadway. Those who choose not to use the Cibolo Parkway will see no additional costs as a result of this new roadway. Once the Cibolo Parkway is completed, CTLP will maintain the roadway. The upside is that investors—not the citizens of Cibolo—will bear the burden of construction costs. The City of Cibolo will be presented with the opportunity to expand its infrastructure for current and future economic development projects south of FM 78.

The Cibolo Parkway Draft Environmental Assessment is currently being reviewed by the city staff. The associated regulatory agencies have been contacted, and the technical reports required by each agency have been submitted for their review. Once those reviews are complete and the city’s comments addressed, the Draft Environmental Assessment will be made available for public evaluation and feedback. The final Environmental Assessment report will be posted on the project website,, and notifications of its availability will be sent via e-mail blast and social media.

We have received right-of-entry access from 73 percent of the property owners along the corridor, representing 81 percent of the ROW. All the landowners within the Project’s proposed route were contacted to obtain a right-of-entry. In addition, as noted above, our ROW firm, CobbFendley has begun the process to acquire ROW Options, and is contacting landowners along the corridor. If they answer their phone or read their mail, they will have the opportunity to negotiate with CobbFendley. CobbFendley will continue to attempt to contact the nonresponsive owners in order to initiate an ongoing dialogue.

On social media, the Cibolo Parkway Project has mistakenly been called a “private toll road.” As stated above, this is not true. The Project will be a City of Cibolo thoroughfare, developed via a public/private partnership with CTLP.

If at any point, the city council or city staff has questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact us. We also invite the public to submit any questions regarding the project via our website,