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Study: San Antonio Traffic is Bad, and Getting Worse

WOAI News Radio – Feb. 13, 2019

This will come as no surprise to most of us, but San Antonio traffic congestion is getting worse, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The annual study by the traffic organization INRIX reports that the average San Antonio motorist loses sixty hours per week stuck in traffic, that’s the equivalent of one and a half weeks of work.

When you figure in simply lost productivity, exclusing gas and wear and tear on your car, the cost of traffic congestion in San Antonio today is $832 per driver per year, that’s up 5% from 2017.

And, no matter what the speed limit sign says, INRIX says when you are driving in ‘inner city San Antonio,’ whcih is defined as on freeways inside Loop 410, during rush hour, you are moving at an average of 14 miles an hour.

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Study Shows How Much Worse Traffic in San Antonio Has Gotten Since 2010

San Antonio Current – Dec. 19, 2018

On average, a person sleeps one-third of their lives away. San Antonians spend an equal amount of time sitting in their Hondas marinating in the hot bubbly broths of their own rage, occasionally taking it out on other road prisoners via passive-aggressive gestures and death glares out the side window. On the sunny (so, so sunny) side of things, this delightful routine is probably only going to get worse.

study by the Puget Sound Regional Council earlier this month found that the number of “super-commuters” — those suffering through 90+ minute drives one-way — increased by slightly less than 80 percent in San Antonio from 2010 to 2017.

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