October 15, 2018 – Addressing Preliminary Environmental Report

Approximately a year ago, at the request of the City of Cibolo, the Cibolo Turnpike LP provided portions of a very preliminary environmental report on the project from aci consulting. This preliminary report reflected work that had been done up to that point and contained placeholders in sections where future findings would be inserted once the environmental consultant completed onsite inspections of the actual properties in the right of way. The preliminary report is what is known as a desktop review and represents the first phase of a multiple phase process. This review helps identify any obvious environmental issues, and is the first environmental checkpoint before proceeding further.

In order to complete an environmental assessment the next phase of the process has to be conducted, which is an onsite inspection of the actual properties in the right of way. This requires written permission from the land owners in the right of way, which is known as a Right of Entry letter. CobbFendley, the right of way firm tasked with obtaining these Rights of Entry (ROE) letters, mailed them out to the effected property owners in September 2018 and is in process of gathering the executed ROEs. Once collected, the environmental consultants will begin their onsite inspections, collecting the balance of the information needed in order to produce the final Environmental Assessment report. Once completed, a copy will be provided to the City.

In addition, upon completion the final Environmental Assessment report will be available on the project website, ciboloparkway.org, and notifications will be sent out via e-mail blast and social media. Links to register for e-mail notification and links to social media are available on the project website.