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October 23, 2019 – Update

While the Public Review Draft Environmental Assessment is available for review on our website and has been made available to the City of Cibolo for public review, apparently there is still some confusion regarding the initial draft environmental assessment that was provided at the request of the City of Cibolo and the city council in …

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News Stories of Interest

Study: San Antonio Traffic is Bad, and Getting Worse WOAI News Radio – Feb. 13, 2019 This will come as no surprise to most of us, but San Antonio traffic congestion is getting worse, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. The annual study by the traffic organization INRIX reports that the average San Antonio motorist loses …

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August 19, 2019 – Updated to the Cibolo City Council

The following is a memorandum sent to the Cibolo Mayor, City of Cibolo City Council and City Staff, dated August 19, 2019. You can download a PDF copy of the memorandum by clicking here. Re: Update – Cibolo Parkway Project Update and Clarification of Misinformation Presented at August 12, 2019, City Council Meeting As indicated in …

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August 2019 – Cibolo Parkway Project Update

The following is a memorandum sent to the Cibolo Mayor, City of Cibolo City Council and City Staff, dated August 6, 2019. You can download a PDF copy of the memorandum by clicking here. Background At our most recent presentation to the Cibolo City Council which was on June 11th, we discussed a number of …

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Draft Environmental Assessment Sent to City for Review

The draft Environmental Assessment (EA) is being delivered to the City of Cibolo for review and comments. The draft EA will be released on this website after City review.

June 2019 Update: Clarifications and Corrections

During a recent public meeting where the Cibolo Expressway and Cibolo Parkway was discussed, there were several comments made which we would like to address. Most of these responses and information provided have been available on our project website or on the city’s website for some time. For your convenience, we are providing links to …

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Notice of Request for Proposals

Published in Seguin Gazette on Sunday, March 24, 2019 On March 19, 2019, Cibolo Turnpike, LP issued its competitive best value Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the design and construction of approximately 6.4 miles of a new toll facility commencing in the vicinity of the intersection of Weil Road and FM 1103 in the City …

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March 2019 – Cibolo Parkway Project Update

We are pleased to report that the Cibolo Parkway Project is moving forward, and would like to update you on its progress. Since 2017, Cibolo Turnpike, L.P. has invested more than $8 million in developing this project as the City of Cibolo’s partner. In January 2018, the City was presented with the findings of project …

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February 5, 2019 – Cibolo Turnpike, LP Hires Citigroup for Cibolo Parkway Project Financing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFeb. 5, 2019 The Cibolo Turnpike, LP (CTLP) announces that Citigroup has been engaged as underwriter to provide financing for the Cibolo Parkway Project, specifically to achieve construction financing as CTLP moves forward with the development process. CTLP has previously engaged the following firms; Stantec (Traffic and Revenue study), Huitt-Zollars (engineering and design), aci Group …

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November 1, 2018 – Cibolo Turnpike, LP receives approval from Union Pacific

The Cibolo Turnpike, LP has received approval from Union Pacific regarding the Exhibit A plans for the overhead structure (bridge) over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks that will cross underneath the proposed Cibolo Parkway.

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